Wild Horse Fertility Control Group (WHFGC)

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Welcome to Wild Horse Fertility Control Group (WHFCG)! Providing free technical consulting services to help protect Alberta's wild horses.

Who We Are...

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A Group of Professionals

WHFGC is a group of professionals in Alberta, Canada who are offering to provide free technical consulting services to not-for-profit groups wishing to apply to the Alberta Government to undertake serious fertility control programs for the wild horses of Alberta. Our expertise includes proposal writing and reporting to Government, GIS, image analysis and mapping, spatial and statistical data analyses, database design and field monitoring.

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Passionate About Humane Management

At WHFGC we are passionate about the use of the PZP contraceptive vaccine as a humane method of population management. In other jurisdictions the vaccine has been shown to be effective in stabalising and maintaining populations of wild horses. The Alberta Government has indicated that they would be willing to maintain the wild horse population at current levels. In this case a comprehensive PZP program in the Alberta foothills could effectively stabalise the population and limit population growth without the need for drastic reductions in numbers through captures and removals.

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Concerned About Current Management Practices

Up to now wild horse management has involved random captures and removals (culls). Although the last capture in 2015 allowed adoption of horses from the Wild Horses of Alberta Society or from auction, there are a limited number of good homes available at any one time to make removals and adoption a practical option for ongoing population management. Also, Government horse counts from year to year are unreliable as an indicator of population growth trends in that budget, flight duration, flight paths, weather conditions and time of year flown vary considerably.

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Determined to be Part of a Humane Solution

The Alberta Government has recently agreed to consider serious proposals from competent groups wishing to conduct contraceptive darting programs using free-range field darting and/or capture-dart-release methods. WHFGC wishes to be part of this solution by offering the technical services required to carry out such a program. This includes proposal writing and reporting to Government, GIS and mapping, spatial and statistical data analyses, database design and field monitoring expertise.

Wild Horses and the Alberta Forestry Industry...

...what may be influencing horse population and migration in the Alberta foothills
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Alberta Wild Horse Population: Analysis of the Wild Horse Count and Population Trends

Our presentation on the Alberta Wild Horse count and population trends from the ZooCheck and HAW Wild Horse Symposium held in Cochrane, AB on June 1st 2018 is now available.

"We firmly believe that PZP is currently the best available tool for the humane management of the wild horse population in Alberta and in other jurisdictions."


"The HSUS has been conducting wildlife contraception research for over 20 years and is confident that PZP is a valuable tool for the humane and efficient management of wild horses."

The Humane Society
of the United States (HSUS)

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